Friday 7 May (Week 3)  Letter to parents and caregivers explaining the Knowledge-athon.
Monday 11 May (Week 4) Sponsorship forms sent home, for children to start collecting sponsors.
Friday 22 May (Week 5) Completed sponsorship forms to be brought to school and given to classroom teachers.
Weeks 5-8 Knowledge-athon takes place. During the four weeks children will complete their projects. As children complete activities they need to show their classroom teacher who will discuss the project with the children and award the stamps.
Friday 19 June (Week 9) Celebrating Our Patterns Projects! Open Morning/afternoon – children will share their projects with visitors and other students. They are also encouraged to to wear clothing that in some way represents Patterns. We hope you will join us on 19 June from 9am until 10am or between 2pm and 3pm.
Week 9 and 10  Children to collect their sponsorship money and return forms and money to school. All money to be at school by Friday 26 June.