Project options

There are 3 different sets of Patterns Projects for children to select from. They may choose to complete between 5-10 of the activities.

  • Most children in Years 0-2 will choose from tasks in Set A
  • Most children in Years 3-4 will choose from Set B
  • Most children in Years 5-6 will choose from Set B and Set C
  • Children may also wish to create their own project ideas, or select a project from any of the sets

Each project is as challenging as the child wishes to make it - plenty of opportunity to really show their creativity and research skills. it is important that you encourage them to put effort into each project and take pride in their learning.

Projects may be presented in a range of ways. A list of possibilities will be displayed in classrooms, the library and in the office to encourage children to think of different ways to present their findings. Some will be projects that need to be displayed, captured digitally or performed.  Check out the Project Gallery for ideas too.

Each project is worth up to 10 stamps (kiwi stamps will be given out by the class teacher). The value of each project will be based on the criteria of:

  • Effort /2
  • Relevance /2
  • Presentation /2
  • Information /2
  • Enthusiasm /2

All students are expected to earn at least 35 stamps out of a possible 100, regardless of whether they are collecting sponsors. All children will be given a record sheet on which to record their projects and activities. 

It is expected that the children will need parent (or older sibling) support to complete the activities and challenges – for example they may need help to research and synthesize information, or to create their projects. Some activities can be completed during school lunchtime and teachers will give some class time (mostly for sharing and celebrating what the children have done).

Above all else, the Knowledge-athon should be a fun learning opportunity for all!