About the Knowledge-Athon

Our 2015 Patterns in Our World knowledge-athon has started! It will run from the 10 May until Friday 19 June.

This is our major fundraising event this year and is closely linked to our curriculum overview. This connection provides a fun and authentic opportunity for children to study ‘patterns’ in their environment and beyond in a variety of ways that appeal most to them.

There are 3 sets of 10 Patterns projects for children to select from, which are available on the Project Options page. Children may choose to complete between 5 of the 10 activities, or they may decide to create one of their own in consultation with their teacher. Each project is as challenging as your child wishes to make it - plenty of opportunity to really show their creativity and research skills!

Each project is worth up to 10 stamps. The value of each project will be based on the criteria of:

  • Effort
  • Relevance
  • Presentation
  • Information
  • Enthusiasm

All students are expected to earn at least 35 stamps out of a possible 100.

Children will be given a booklet in which to record their projects and activities (some may be projects that need to be displayed, captured digitally or performed).

It is expected that children will need parent (or older sibling) support to complete the activities and challenges – for example they may need help to research. Some activities can be completed during school lunchtimes and teachers will give some class time (mostly for sharing and celebrating what the children have achieved).